Cyber Monday tech deals are here, and I found some of the most random items for as

While Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend is all about finding expensive items for cheap, it’s also about indulging in impulse buys for random things, because why not? Well, I’ve scoured the ends of the internet Amazon for some of the most random/interesting tech or tech-related items I could find, like this rather colorful putty gel stuff used to clean the various nooks and crannies of your car, keyboard, office supplies, and other random items. In fact, Android Central’s own Jerry Hildenbrand swears by it — he buys a few every year during Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend because you can’t really beat $5 for a colorful jar of putty that not only looks fun to play with but also has a practical use.

But there are some other random finds that I’ve listed below that might appeal to you or someone you know.

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