Brembo Goes Big On Performance With New Hypure Caliper

It’s a portmanteau between the words “Hyper” and “Pure,” so you can pretty much guess what this new caliper promises to deliver.

Brembo has undeniably proven itself as the gold standard when it comes to all things brakes. From the top racers in the world to casual riders depending on their bikes to get them from A to B, Brembo’s braking systems have ensured that millions of motorcycles around the globe stop as well as they start.

Naturally, being the leader in braking technology means that innovation never stops. As such, Brembo has rolled out its innovations for 2024, with the GP4-MotoGP calipers, which we recently talked about, leading the charge. Apart, of course, from catering to the ultra high-performance segment, Brembo also has braking systems with versatility in mind – for riders who demand the very best from their brakes in all weather and road conditions. This is where the Hypure enters the picture.

A portmanteau between the words “Hyper” and “Pure” the Hypure promises impressive performance thanks to its stiff and lightweight construction. According to Brembo, the Hypure weighs an impressive 10 percent less than its predecessor, making it the lightest in its class. Nevertheless, despite its reduced weight, the Brembo Hypure maintains its high rigidity, improving brake feel and response.

Brembo has also enhanced the Hypure’s heat transfer capability that ensures the brakes don’t fade even under demanding riding scenarios. To aid in efficiency, the Hypure features a patented spring, pad, and pin system that has been crafted with a precise bearing surface between the caliper and the pad. This minimizes residual braking torque, thereby extending brake pad life and improving braking response.

From a styling perspective, the Hypure differentiates itself from Brembo’s previous designs thanks to an asymmetrical body that makes the caliper look sleek and compact. Unlike the GP4-MotoGP, the Hypure is more road-focused, however Brembo says that the braking system provides “exceptional performance for both track and open roads.” We can expect to see this new Hypure caliper in mid to high-performance naked, sport-touring, and adventure-touring motorcycles in the near future.

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