Is this the smallest apartment in NYC?

A Manhattan studio has been nominated for the title of the borough’s most itty-bitty abode, at least according to Instagram. 

Tiny apartments are hardly a rarity in New York City, but internet denizens believe this bite-sized Greenwich Village unit may get the gold for the smallest of all. 

A video walk-through of the barely one-room residence has gone viral for its unbelievably minimal square footage and comparatively enormous price tag. 

“Welcome to New York,” a multidisciplinary performing artist Tzatevna captioned the clip of her tour through what she writes is “probably the smallest apartment in NYC.”

The Reel has racked up over 12.5 million views on Instagram in just a few days.

After entering the space, there’s a short hallway with a door to the bathroom and then a really tiny plot serving as the bedroom, kitchen and living room.

The apartment is barely one room. @how_to_newyorker/Instagram
Inside the unit’s bathroom. @how_to_newyorker/Instagram
The tiny kitchen has a dishwasher to match. @how_to_newyorker/Instagram
This is the layout and pretty much the entire unit. @how_to_newyorker/Instagram
At least there’s a window. @how_to_newyorker/Instagram

“That’s it,” the clip comments about mere seconds in, as the viewer has now seen the entire place, before adding “wait for the price,” which is then revealed to be $2,300 a month.

Quite possibly, Tzatevna noted next to the clip, that price has increased since she saw the space last summer. 

And, as expected, the upload elicited a number of hilarious reactions from video commenters.

“No closet?!” asked one, with another replying, “basically THIS is a closet lol.”

Another asked, “Why the dishwasher? You hosting a dinner party in the bathroom?” with another, not mincing words, saying “A glorified prison cell!”

Still, the wee unit is not without its pros: It’s a “prime location, heart of Greenwich Village,” has a single large window, an exposed brick wall and “everything clean, sunny, nice view + dishwasher,” Tzatevna added. 

At the time, Tzatevna and her partner were looking for something bigger and closer to the New School than the “really small” Soho studio they were renting for $1,700 — so it was an immediate pass, she told The Post. 

“It’s a nice studio’ they said. We came to take a look and saw just a ‘stu’ instead of a studio,” she added. “Honestly, I wasn’t prepared to see [such a] small apartment. It’s definitely the smallest apartment I’ve ever seen, I was shocked.”

Another man who came to see the unit, however, saw it differently and immediately signed a lease: He “closed the deal immediately — he said that’s all he needed — perfect location and price for him.”

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