KTR Removed 50% Of Media Employees?

KTR Removed 50% Of Media Employees?

In the past few years, the BRS party has shown interest in various active small-time media channels on YouTube, acquiring them in the process.

The employees of all these media channels used to operate from an office in Madhapur, totaling around 300 individuals, contributing to their respective YouTube channels, all falling under the umbrella of BRS.

Unexpectedly, the party lost power, prompting a reconsideration of the necessity to maintain such a large number of media employees.

Following the conclusion of the elections and a potential shortage of funds to sustain these employees, KTR decided to reduce the workforce by almost 50%.

The remaining employees were retained temporarily, considering the upcoming Lok Sabha elections in the next 3-4 months.

However, insiders suggest that even these remaining employees are likely to be phased out after the elections.

It remains to be seen if KTR continues to oversee the operation, albeit in a smaller capacity.

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