Carville calls Johnson’s views ‘hypocrisy on steroids’

Democratic strategist James Carville criticized House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La.) in recent comments, saying his views are “hypocrisy on steroids.”

“What Johnson does represent is a level of breathtaking hypocrisy,” Carville said in an interview with The Guardian. “His anti-homosexuality and young Earthism are hypocrisy on steroids.”

Johnson has received criticism for his previous comments on same-sex marriage. After being elected speaker in October, he said he wanted to be clear in his stance that he is “a rule of law guy.”

Carville and Johnson are both graduates of the Louisiana State University law school. Johnson said he “made a career defending the rule of law” and genuinely loves all people “regardless of their lifestyle choices.”

He said his previous statements came from when he was working as a litigator and was called “upon to defend” marriage amendments on the state level years ago.

Johnson believes that the Bible is “recounting actual historical events,” which is part of the Young Earthism belief that God created the universe and the Earth.

Carville warned of the growing threat of white Christian nationalism, particularly embodied by Johnson.

“Johnson has no skill, no background, no majority to speak of,” he said.

Carville has challenged Johnson to debate at Louisiana Christian University, a place he calls “the epicenter of Christian nationalism.” He wants to debate so students can make up their minds about “what kind of America we want.”

Johnson was elected to the Speaker position after multiple previous nominations failed to find a replacement for former Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.).

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