‘Thread of failure’: Comer skewered after touting Oversight committee’s

Rep.James Comer — the Republican overseeing a near-yearlong investigation of President Joe Biden’s finances that has yet to come up with substantial evidence — took to X to boast of his committee’s “accomplishments.” It did not go well.

Comer (R-KY) said Wednesday he was “proud” of the GOP Oversight Committee’s work in comparison to its efforts when led by Democrats.

“This year, Republicans brought oversight and accountability back to our committee,” reads a committee tweet Comer shared.

“Under Republicans, the Oversight Committee has returned to its mission of rooting out waste, fraud, & abuse in the federal government.”

According to the committee, those accomplishments include 82 hearings held — the top two are “Twitter’s Role in Suppressing the Biden Laptop Story” and a “Hearing with IRS Whistleblowers About the Biden Criminal Investigation” — 350 letters sent, and the impeachment inquiry.

The committee claims credit for proving the Bidens set up 20 shell companies and earned $24 million through “shady” international transactions.

But, as has been widely reported, that inquiry has both failed to come up with any substantial evidence of wrongdoing and failed to pique the interest of the conservative base it was meant to appease.

As to the shell companies, when faced with accusations that Comer himself is the owner of shell company experts say he should have disclosed, he retorted by calling a Democrat a “smurf.”

The responses Comer received Wednesday brought about the same amount of ire.

“That’s a thread of failure,” replied @deahcory. “Except for that one law. Congrats, I guess?”

“The MAGA impeachment inquiry launched against President Biden is all smoke and mirrors,” replied House Judiciary Democrats. “There is no evidence of any wrongdoing. Why do Republicans keep spending time and money on this baseless impeachment?”

“You haven’t accomplished one tangible thing,” said X user Britt. “Retire or we will primary you and send you packing. You haven’t delivered on anything.”

“Still waiting for your investigation into your shell corporation and the bribes from foreign governments?” noted @Dakota_Mom2.

“The house burnt down,” @TrustGod1962 quipped, “but we saved the porch.”

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