US Representative Nancy Pelosi Buys $5M Worth of Nvidia Options

The 52nd Speaker of the US House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, has purchased $5 million worth of Nvidia call options. Pelosi remains closely monitored for her well-documented engagement in stock trading. Moreover, the Nvidia purchase occurs after her husband’s, venture capitalist Paul Pelosi’s, past with the technology company.

Last July, Pelosi and her husband reportedly sold 25,000 shares of Nvidia at a loss, according to Forbes. Additionally, the sale took place as the couple attempted to avoid scrutiny from members of the public. Especially after the chipmaker’s stock experienced an exponential increase this year.

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Nancy Pelosi Purchases $5 Million Worth of Nvidia Call Options

There is no denying that the public has become less patient with the investment activity of government officials in the United States. There is perhaps no representative as connected to this activity as Nancy Pelosi. Yet, it appears as though the government official is yet again getting in on certain stocks

Specifically, US Representative Nancy Pelosi has purchased $5 million worth of Nvidia call options. Indeed, the tech company experienced a massive rise in price over the last year. Subsequently, Pelosi and her husband had previously invested in the company before selling those shares at a loss.

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Now, Pelosi is back in on the chipmaker, purchasing the $5 million call option with a stirke price of $120. Moreover, the expiration date for those options is reportedly set to occur in December 2024. Conversely, the trade represents one of the largest for the US official synonymous with her stock purchasing and trading activity.

A Forbes report in June highlighted the previous Nvidia trading activity that took place by the Pelosi’s. Alternatively, Washington has consistently sought to create legislation that would ban stock trading in Congress. Specifically, Ro Kanna has been outspoken in his desire to get legislative action passed and combat Congressional corruption.

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