Militia Boss Ammon Bundy, in Hiding After $52 Million Defamation Loss, Hints at

Free-range Idaho militia leader Ammon Bundy has posted a rambling video statement from an undisclosed location about seizure of his assets after a hospital defamation lawsuit saddled him earlier this year with $52 million in damages.

Bundy — who falsely claimed last year that a local hospital had kidnapped a dangerously underweight baby from a family of Bundy supporters — said his wife’s and son’s bank accounts have been emptied, apparently by court order.

“They stole my son’s money to put it in their pockets,” Bundy said in a YouTube livestream first reported by the Daily Beast.

Bundy, who went into hiding weeks ago, claimed hospital officials were going to use the funds to “buy Christmas presents” for their families.

Ammon Bundy is taken from his son's football fundraising banquet at Emmett High School in Idaho on a contempt of court warrant.
Ammon Bundy is taken from his son’s football fundraising banquet at Emmett High School in Idaho on a contempt of court warrant.Ammon Bundy/Twitter/X

He also repeatedly named the CFO of the hospital he defamed and ominously warned that it was all he could do not to seek revenge over the lawsuit, claiming it was all part of some nefarious conspiracy.

“I’m doing everything I can not to just retaliate against these people,” Bundy said in the video.

“I have been so peaceful. And they keep pushing me, and pushing me, and pushing me. You know, wanting me to do something so that they can arrest me and put me in prison or kill me. That’s what they’re trying to do,” he added.

He noted that while he has in the past urged his supporters not to “do anything to these people … it’s not right to retaliate. I’m almost ready to say, ‘You know what? The hell with it,’” Bundy said.

Bundy refused to attend any of the defamation case court proceedings and vowed in an interview that he would meet anyone seeking to collect damages with “a shotgun.”

He boasted in an interview with the Idaho Dispatch a year ago that he was tossing in the garbage all court notices that arrived in the mail.

“I literally just take it from the mail and throw it in the garbage,” Bundy said. “I haven’t responded one bit to them.”

He was arrested in August at his son’s high school sports banquet for contempt of court for refusing to attend the lawsuit hearings. Soon after he was released from custody he went into hiding.

Bundy, son of militant Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy, was involved with his dad in a 2014 armed standoff against federal officers over nonpayment of all rent for the family’s decades-long use of publicly owned pasture land.

Two years later Bundy led a pack of followers in a deadly 41-day armed occupation of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge near Burns, Oregon, to protest the arson convictions of two ranchers who had set fires on federal land where they had been grazing their cattle.

Bundy was acquitted of criminal charges in the case by a local jury, and later launched a failed campaign to become governor of Idaho.

The hospital lawsuit initially sought just $50,000 in damages but threats against the institution and workers continued. Officials said then that St. Luke’s planned to spend whatever it received on its Children at Risk Evaluation Service.

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