‘I Didn’t Try To Settle Jagan-Sharmila Dispute’

There is a huge chink in the YS family armor as YS Jagan and his sister Sharmila are no longer in good terms. It has been many years since they even came face to face in front of the public. Sharmila directly commented in the past that she wishes to explore her own ways and is no longer with Jagan. 

YV Subba Reddy, who is a close family member of Jagan and Sharmila has now commented about the media speculations that he took up the job of settling the dispute between Jagan and Sharmila.

“I don’t know where these rumors originated. I didn’t try to settle the issue between Jagan and Sharmila. I do not need to broker between them. It is for them to decide what is good for them. I am meeting Vijayamma regularly but we are not talking about Jagan and Sharmila. We don’t bring up family affairs then. Sharmila’s politics can never affect Jagan for that matter” Subba Reddy said.

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