Can The New Callaway Chrome Tour Golf Balls Challenge Titleist’s Dominance?

Despite the success over the past few years with the Chrome Soft franchise, Callaway has upped its pursuit for the title of ‘the number one ball in golf’ with the launch of the Chrome Tour golf ball range. While the Titleist Pro V1 and Pro V1x golf balls have long been widely considered the pinnacle when it comes to premium golf balls, there have been some serious contenders emerging more recently.

TaylorMade continues to impress with its TP5 franchise and the Srixon Z-Star balls can’t be ignored, while younger brands such as PXG released its Xtreme golf ball and LA Golf broke into the ball market for the first time too. Despite the Callaway Chrome Soft X picking up a major championship by way of The Masters, thanks to Jon Rahm’s exceptional play, the brand has been busy behind the scenes working away at what it is calling ‘the new gold standard’ – a family of golf balls that it hopes will rival some of the best golf balls already on the market.

What’s The New Technology?

Will The Launch Of The Callaway Chrome Tour Golf Ball Knock The Titleist Pro V1 Off Its Throne?

The new Hyperfast core on the Chrome Tour models promises to produce fast ball speeds

(Image credit: Callaway)

Hyperfast Soft Core
While every layer of the golf ball is compressed through impact, it’s the core of the ball that mainly determines ball speed as well as how that ball is likely to perform. The new Hyperfast Soft core has been designed to give as much speed as possible to the new Chrome Tour and Chrome Soft golf balls. This has been achieved through a new rubber system where a new base polymer has been combined with a mixture of other ingredients to give the golf balls the right amount of compression they are seeking to give these balls as much speed as possible. 

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