Homage to home | SBC’s Boilo Beer

LUZERNE COUNTY, Pa. — Susquehanna Brewing Company‘s brewmaster Phillip Davidson was born and raised in Pottsville. He’s the brains behind SBC’s Boilo Beer.

“Boilo is not just a Schuylkill County thing. It’s Coal Region for sure,” Davidson said. “I had the chance to date a sweet lady and know her family and learn about her family’s recipe for boilo and even just about boilo culture, which has definitely exploded.”

Davidson has wanted to make a Boilo Beer for years, but the owners of SBC in Jenkins Township didn’t know much about it.

“They had to take a leap of faith. For me, this is really the first chance that I’ve ever had to do this.”

Davidson got his start at Yuengling Brewery in his hometown, went on to Sly Fox in Pottstown, and then to Straub Brewery in Saint Mary’s.

“It takes a while to get to be able to make shots that you can call like that. I’ve been doing this for 15 years,” Davidson said.

Boilo Beer is special to him. The emotion comes from his inspiration behind it—being able to share a taste of home with beer lovers.

“It’s not easy to like the place you’re from, but when you do grow up, you can certainly appreciate things about it, and you can appreciate things that are quintessentially about family and friendship and fellowship and being together.”

Boilo Beer has been such a hit since SBC released it that the brewery is almost sold out.

“I’ll say this: we’ll definitely be making a bunch more next year.”

The success of this limited-edition brew, as well as the others Davidson created, all go back to his roots.

“The quality of the beer that we’re making is all thanks to everybody who taught me everything.”

He’s looking forward to creating plenty more in the future.

“For now, very short-term blueberry muffins is where I’m going.”

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