Must-Read Advice for Keeping your Face Fresh and Gorgeous

Dewey skin is

Timelessness is the gold standard of wedding day makeup artists. That theme centered my conversations with both local and national experts as we discussed 2024 trends, as well as broader makeup advice for your big day.  

What’s in this year? Dewey complexions with “less drama and intensity” and an overall “back-to-basics” approach emulating a bride’s natural beauty. What’s out? Over-the-top looks with heavy strip eyelashes, exaggerated winged liner, extreme baking and “Lion King-like contour” that changes facial structures. 

Delcina Brown, Michelle Brown and Amber Smith—a trio of makeup artists from 614 Beauty—say brides should aim for makeup that is “dramatic enough for the wedding,” but without making you look like someone else. Award-winning, New York City-based makeup artist Amanda Gabbard echoes that notion. “The dewy, natural and neutral-toned look is in,” says Amanda, who has 15 years of makeup artistry under her belt. “In my opinion, it never went out! Think iridescence, not glitter, caramels and nude hues instead of purples and lavender.” While many may admire glamorous looks, Amanda says “going back to the bridal basics” helps people look like the best versions of themselves, (with a soft, glam finish).

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