Dismal economic calendar greets North America traders | Forexlive

Happy Monday.

Or at least it’s a happy one if you hate economic data and central bank speakers. Last week was a busy one due to a full data slate but today will be a further chance to digest non-farm payrolls and the ISM services data because there’s nothing on the agenda.

The economic calendar features on the December employment trends report at 10 am but that’s a composite of data already released and certainly not a market mover. Some calendars have Bostic at 8:30 am ET so fingers crossed.

S&P 500 futures are flat while Dow futures are down sorely due to the horrendous safety tracker record of Boeing, which would certainly be facing ever harsher repercussions if they weren’t domiciled elsewhere. In any case, larger shutdowns at Boeing are a risk to US GDP, though the market would likely see beyond it.

So what am I watching? There’s the bitcoin ETF, which is a sure thing and has helped to lift BTC by 2.5% today.

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