Strong demand for Ambrosia Gold apples, defying current market trends

CMI Orchards announces a soaring demand for Ambrosia Gold® apples. The latest Nielsen IQ year-over-year scan data for the 13-week period ending 12/2/23 reveals a significant surge in sales.

Defying current market trends, where the overall Ambrosia apple category faces a decline, Ambrosia Gold shines. Registering an impressive +23.9 percent increase in sales and a +33.1 percent jump in volume in the same period, Ambrosia Gold outperforms the market, setting new benchmarks for quality and demand.

Ambrosia Gold is celebrated for its honey-sweet taste and excellent resistance to browning. Northwest-grown Ambrosia, rooted in the innovative legacy of the McDougall family, quickly evolved into a consumer and retailer favorite.

Rochelle Bohm, CMI’s Vice President of Marketing, emphasizes the extraordinary journey of Ambrosia Gold® from an unknown variety to a top contender on U.S. retail shelves, a milestone achieved through the efforts of the McDougall family as exclusive licensed growers in the U.S. from 2007 through 2017, before the patent opened to other growers.

The McDougalls.

“Ambrosia withstands the test of time, starting as only the second branded apple variety available in the USA. Today, Ambrosia Gold is a retail staple, and other growers nationwide are jumping on the wagon to discover their own methods of growing and harvesting the variety,” Bohm notes. “Best in class retailers recognize Ambrosia as a mainstay on the shelf—and Ambrosia Gold® delivers the best-of-the-best eating experience, bar none.”

Bohm credits the McDougall family’s pioneering methods and innovations, now integral to practices across CMI’s grower network. “All Ambrosia are not created equal. These efforts ensure that every Ambrosia Gold apple delivers an unparalleled eating experience, reinforcing our position as leaders in quality.”

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