Rayapati Trashes CBN’s Photo, Quits TDP – Gulte

In a shocking news for TDP in Guntur district, 4-time Guntur MP Rayapati Sambasiva Rao’s son, Rayapati Ranga Rao has quit Telugu Desam. He submitted his resignation to TDP organizing secretary post and primary membership through a letter today. 

Ranga Rao went to extremes to express his dissatisfaction with Chandra Babu Naidu as he took the photo of the TDP boss in his office and slammed it to the ground. The glass-clad photo broke to pieces. Ranga Rao showed extreme hate on Chandra Babu with this incident and also announced publicly that he has quit TDP. 

The Rayapati family had been with TDP for the last few years and the veteran Samba Siva Rao tried to get his son Ranga Rao a TDP MLA ticket in Guntur district in 2019, but Chandra Babu rejected the proposal. And again in 2024, Babu rejected the ticket to Ranga Rao which resulted in the above mentioned public display of disgust and also Ranga Rao leaving TDP.

Though there is no takers for rayapati family in current age politics, trashing Chandrababu’s photo is morally not correct and it is sends negative image on Rayapatis,

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