Joint Project Set to Improve Oil Recovery from Reservoirs

Fishbones needles (Credit: Fishbones)

Fishbones needles (Credit: Fishbones)

Fishbones, a provider of alternative reservoir stimulation technology, has started an industry technology development project with major Norwegian operator Aker BP to improve oil recovery from reservoir assets.

Supported with a $121,000 (NOK 1.25 million) grant from the Research Council of Norway, the companies will work on the project focused on the development of extended reach needles – small diameter laterals that penetrate the reservoir to increase hydrocarbon recovery.

The aim is to extend the reach of existing Fishbones needles by 50%, increasing the current span of 12 meters to 18 meters. 

According to Fishbones, its lateral stimulation technology has already recorded multifold increases in well productivity, and the company is seeking even greater improvements by extending needle reach to offer tailored solutions for diverse operational needs, with a view to increasing reservoirs’ recoverable reserves.

“Fishbones is one of the well technologies that Aker BP strategically invests in to enhance the value in the IOR (Improved Oil Recovery) portfolio.

“The new extended reach-lateral components can further broaden the application range of this technology,” said Per Øyvind Seljebotn, SVP Exploration and Reservoir Development at Aker BP.

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