Enhancing the Shopping Experience: The Evolution of Merchandising Strategies

The Hershey Company

In the dynamic realm of retail, understanding consumer behavior is paramount.

As the world navigated the challenges of the pandemic, convenience store owners found themselves reassessing their shelf layouts. With fluctuations in consumer preferences and shopping patterns, the need for adaptable strategies became apparent. Questions from retailers arose regarding the optimal placement of products and the impact of available size variations on purchasing decisions.

Collaboration with retail partners lies at the heart of the approach set forth by The Hershey Company.  The brand created its Gold Standard Merchandising Principles nearly 14 years ago. These principles, also known as the Gold Standard Planogram, have been at the forefront of this understanding. Designed to elevate sales across the candy, mint and gum categories, the approach prioritizes consumer satisfaction and retailer profitability.

By analyzing market dynamics and performance metrics, tailored recommendations are made to optimize category space. The aim is to create an environment where shoppers can easily locate their desired products, thereby enhancing their overall shopping experience.

To validate the effectiveness of these principles in today’s dynamic environment, The Hershey Company put its Gold Standard Merchandising Principles to the test. Virtual reality simulations and in-market trials were conducted, evaluating various pricing and placement strategies. The results reaffirmed the resilience of our approach, demonstrating significant incremental growth for retailers.

Insights gleaned from these tests also addressed pertinent inquiries from retailers. For instance, the importance of offering a mix of king and standard-size bars was underscored, catering to diverse consumer preferences. This flexibility enhances choice and drives value for shoppers seeking convenience-store snacks.

It is worth noting that the commitment to these principles transcends brand allegiance. The focus remains steadfast on optimizing category performance, irrespective of specific brand affiliations. By prioritizing consumer satisfaction and category growth, retailers aim to foster a retail environment conducive to new discoveries and loyal indulgences.

Understanding the consumer is critical. By aligning with consumer preferences and market dynamics, retailers can maximize sales potential while enhancing the shopping experience. As store owners navigate a constantly changing retail landscape, these principles remain steadfast, driving growth and prosperity for all stakeholders involved

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