Oil and Gas: Union County well produces 80 barrels

South Arkansas natural resources news, according to the Arkansas Oil and Gas Commission.


Quanico Oil and Gas Inc., of El Dorado has completed the Perkins-Ezzell A-1 in Section 13-17S-15W in the El Dorado East Field of Union County. Total depth was to 6,001 feet. It was drilled in the Cotton Valley Zone with perforations between 4,860 and 4,863 feet. Daily production is 80 barrels of 40-gravity oil. Work was completed February 21.


Ames Financial of Shreveport has finished the workover of the David B. Kuhn et al No. 3, Section 6-15S-27W in the Paup Spur Field of Miller County. Total depth was to 6,350 feet with perforations between 6,106-6,149 feet in the Smackover Zone. No production was reported. Work was finished January 14.

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