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Wenatchee, WA—CMI Orchards BB #:134183 is primed to supercharge summer sales this 4th of July. Rochelle Bohm, Vice President of Marketing, emphasizes that patriotic holidays like the 4th of July offer retailers special opportunities to honor veterans and support military families.

“CMI’s American Dream® program offers a dynamic in-store merchandising opportunity, allowing retailers to give back to military charities. A portion of proceeds from every box sold can be donated to a military charity of the retailer’s choice, or to a cause CMI already supports such as the Wounded Warrior Project, Soldiers’ Angels, or Operation Homefront to name a few,” Bohm explains.

This, she adds, makes the program highly-customizable; retailers can choose causes that are important to them and give back at a national or local level. Says Bohm, “Our impactful patriotic packaging not only enhances shelf appeal but also resonates with consumers looking to express their love of America during this significant and highly celebrated national  holiday.”

Loren Foss, Vice President of Business Strategy at CMI, recommends a powerful promotion strategy. “This 4th of July, we’re spotlighting two high-flavor apples: JUICI® and Ambrosia Gold®. These premium varieties, known for their exceptional quality and taste, are perfect for driving 4th of July sales and maximizing charitable contributions.”

CMI’s JUICI® apples, discovered in Wenatchee, WA by the Thomas family, offer a balanced sweet and tangy bite with crispness from their Honeycrisp lineage. “JUICI® sales increased by 25% over the last 52 weeks, according to Nielsen IQ through 5/18/24. Retailers can leverage this success and tap into the popularity and strong performance of JUICI® throughout the summer,” notes Foss.

With their sweet, honey flavor, crisp bite, and slow-to-brown flesh, Bohm adds that CMI’s Ambrosia Gold® set the gold standard for Ambrosia apples.

“Introduced to the USA almost two decades ago, they continue to be a top choice for sweet, crisp apple lovers,” explains Bohm. “Recently, we teamed up with Category Partners to conduct focus group surveys in blind taste tests, comparing branded varieties with legacy varieties.  Participants consistently ranked Ambrosia Gold® higher than its legacy counterpart, Gala, across all key metrics—including flavor, texture, and appearance.” Of those participants, adds Bohm, 85% positioned Ambrosia Gold in their top three apples of 8 sampled, 75% preferred it to Gala entirely, and 35% claimed it was the favorite variety they tasted.

Cherries are also available in the American Dream® program including Red and Rainier varieties. Says Foss, “Cherries are a summer sensation. Their limited season creates a sense of urgency that drives impulse buys. We always suggest planning 4th of July promotions early to secure volume and POS.” He adds that savvy retailers know the importance of capturing impulse cherry sales by providing multiple in-store destinations in the produce department and at check-out for customers to snatch them up while supplies last.

As the 4th of July holiday approaches, CMI invites retailers to join them in celebrating the American spirit. Retailers can access CMI’s full suite of promotional materials and information about the American Dream® program at

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CMI Orchards is one of the largest growers, shippers, and packers of premium-quality conventional and organic apples, pears, and cherries in the USA. Based in Wenatchee, WA, CMI delivers outstanding fruit across the nation and exports to over 60 countries worldwide.

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