Kaua‘i Police Department issues alert for cryptocurrency phone scam | Kauai Now

June 10, 2024, 3:01 PM HST

The Kaua‘i Police Department is warning island residents of a new phone scam that involves individuals posing as law enforcement officials.

In the scam, callers impersonate a law enforcement official to solicit money. Scammers notify victims that they have a warrant for their arrest, and that the only way to avoid arrest is to pay a fine in the form of cryptocurrency.

“Any such calls should be treated with suspicion. Refrain from disclosing your credit card details or any personal information,” Assistant Chief Kalani Ke emphasized. “It’s crucial to report such incidents to the Kaua‘i Police Department and remember that law enforcement agencies will never call you to demand payment of any kind.”

To make the scam appear credible, the scammer may use real information about the victim. Scammers may even manipulate the phone number displayed on caller ID to make it seem like the call is coming from a government agency, even though it is not.


If you are contacted by a scammer, keep in mind a few preventative facts:

  • The Kaua‘i Police Department does not call citizens requesting money. Never respond to unsolicited requests for personal information from unknown callers.
  • Law enforcement agencies will never demand any kind of payment over the phone.
  • A fine will never be imposed until after the individual has appeared in court and been given the opportunity to explain his or her circumstances. If a fine is imposed, it will be in open court and reduced to writing (and will not be payable by gift card number or cryptocurrency).
  • Don’t answer calls from unknown numbers.
  • Don’t give personal or financial data, such as your Social Security number or credit card account number, to callers you don’t know. If they say they have the information and just need you to confirm it, don’t hang on, hang up.

Immediately report any suspicious calls to the Kaua‘i Police Department by contacting dispatch at 808-241-1711.

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